Dynamic Calculators

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Dynamic Calculators, Visual Tools and Model Development

Organizations require effective layouts of information to understand results, discover patterns, tabulate findings, and develop strategies based on this data. WFM Labs seeks to provide a variety of models, reports, and visual analysis tools utilizing various applications to help businesses uncover information.

Shiny & R Studio

R Studio and Shinyapps allow dynamic visualization and working models, exposing them to an online interface. In this example, we've created an online visualization of the "Power of One" - showing the importance of how losing (or gaining) a single call center rep can dramatically impact interval service level.

Dynamic Calculators - WFM Labs

In addition to Shinyapps and programming in R - various tools are helpful in communicating scenarios to leaders. Examples include modeling the high cost of agent turnover. While you can model this in a standard excel spreadsheet, communicating with an interactive calculator allows users to interact with various parameters, generating a deeper understanding of the dynamics behind the calculation.