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WFM Labs is an organization formed by workforce management professionals seeking to reinvent the next-generation approach to successfully operating contact centers. Principles include:

  • Collaboration: WFM Labs is a collection of open-source projects that can accept changes from anywhere*.
  • Adoption and remixing: WFM Labs tests new ideas, processes, and creative approaches to be used by anyone seeking to improve their workforce management practices. Most organizations have unique requirements, so adoption and remixing of material are encouraged.
  • Transparency: Anyone can inspect this open-source project for errors or inconsistencies—transparency matters for our community.

This site is an extension of and our community site Our wiki seeks to share practices and principles on topics including:

  1. Future WFM Operating Standard - creating the next-generation WFM playbook & re-examining all WFM processes with an employee-first mindset
  2. Resilient Capacity Plans - incorporating variance and risk rating systems
  3. Attrition Models - applying WFM forecasting practices to solve the legacy problem of high employee turnover

Join us as we collectively seek to advance the legacy practices of workforce management and advance our practices up the WFM Maturity Curve.

*While this site is a collection of content viewable by anyone, to contribute or edit content requires registration through our main community site, WFM Labs Community. Feel free to register!